We are a not-for-profit organization providing employment opportunities, vocational training, tutoring and an overall development for differently-abled adolescents and adults.


Vimarsha Charitable Trust

We work for the wholesome development of the adults and children with different educational needs.

Vimarsha Charitable Trust is a compact but completely wholesome venture that provides vocational training, tutoring and an overall development for adolescents and adults with special educational needs. Started in 2013 by Ms. Janhavi Lakshminarayanan and Ms. Brinda Seshnath, the trust is run by a dedicated team of highly trained special educators who help nurture the students strengths, interests and guide them to achieve their potential. We are located in Jayanagar 7th Block, Bangalore. The students are usually from South Bangalore area but some come from far off areas including Vijayanagar, Sarjapur road, Old Airport Road and even Electronic city. The centre is conveniently located at walking distance from Jayanagar Metro Station and walking distance from Jayanagar 4th Block bus stop.


We envision a society which thrives on inclusion, acceptance and opportunities in every field for every person.


To create an environment conducive for learning, growth and advancement of adolescents and adults with special educational and training needs.


Almost each and every student is a success story at Vimarsha. Within months of becoming a part of Vimarsha, each of them has shown a tremendous improvement in their self-confidence and the ability to socialize, team work and sometimes even leadership skills. We see that they bloom and showcase their hidden talents and skills. Often, they follow their passion and make it a career.

Success Story 1:

A shy 13 year old boy joined Vimarsha. He was asked to drop out of a mainstream school in Class 8 since he had difficulty in studies. The family was not even aware of his disability until then and came for intervention. The boy did not have friends in his old school and had been bullied for many years. Within a year, we saw a very big change in him! He not only improved a lot in studies, thanks to the individual attention he was getting, but his self-confidence reached greater heights. He was able to give his first stage performance during the annual day and his mother was thrilled. Within two years, he not only passed the SSLC exam successfully, he then joined a PUC college for further studies. Today he is doing his first year degree course, apart from following his passion in acting and screen play writing! 

Success Story 2:

A quiet 16 year old girl suffering from severe bouts of depression, unable to pursue anything serious, anywhere joined Vimarsha. She and her family had given up hope that she would ever study. We soon realized that she was in fact good in studies. But she struggled with depression. She missed classes for several days, especially when there was a test or a month before her exams. But the teachers gave her a lot of support and individual attention. Finally she mustered up courage to write one paper of NIOS. To her surprise, she scored above 90 in that subject! Then there was no stopping her. Although she still struggled to get up from bed on some days, she didn’t let it stop her. Soon she finished all the papers, and scored above 85 in all. Then she joined a college for PUC and is doing very well and happy.<o:p></o:p>

Success Story 3:

A 14 yr old boy in the Autism spectrum joined Vimarsha to pursue academics after years of attending alternate schools. Within a few years, he passed the SSLC exam. In the meanwhile, his other talents were highlighted. He was very adept with computers and his speaking skills were very good. He began to compere in all the Vimarsha celebrations, and also taking part in dramas. He then took up Senior Secondary NIOS exams. The sudden change and jump between the two, state board and NIOS was huge! But with a lot of individual coaching by the teachers and support from his family, he succeeded in passing the senior secondary exams. Today he has been selected and is working as an intern in one of the leading MNCs in India. <o:p></o:p>

Success Story 4:

A 17yr old boy with Autism joined Vimarsha to take up SSLC exams. Little did anyone expect that his other talents would blossom. During the annual exhibition-cum-sale at Vimarsha, the founder urged his parents to put up his large paintings for sale. Within a few days, all his paintings were sold! Then they also digitized his paintings and turned them into tabletop calendars. Through Vimarsha they found their first few clients as well. Today, he makes theme based tabletop calendar as a regular annual feature. He has also designed some T-shirts for some brand. <o:p></o:p>


The students are typically between the ages 9 yrs to adults (no specific upper age limit), with mild to moderate multiple intellectual disabilities. We have children who have dropped out of mainstream schools and children with autism, ASD, Downs Syndrome, specific learning disability, slow learners and mild mental retardation.

The Vimarsha team helps students lead independent lives by giving them the necessary functional and life skills. Besides, we also help students complete schooling. After which, some students get on to the mainstream and continue their education or take up jobs. Otherwise, we prepare them for a vocation depending on their aptitude and interests. Students are trained to complete their board exams – both 10th and 12th grades in State syllabus and NIOS open schooling. Depending on the need of the child, students may also attend specific training as against a full time student.

Aside from academics, students are also engaged with Yoga, cooking, baking, gardening, computer skills and arts and crafts. When it comes to their yearly exhibition, entrepreneurial skills are out and booming with handmade products like painted diyas, paper bags, hair clips, and baked products such as cookies too!

Almost like a 9am-2pm school timings, students with special needs from across Bengaluru arrive with a hope to develop confidence and learn necessary skills to become self-reliant. The compact nature of the trust further enables focused and individualized attention to each and every student.

Students who undergo vocational training from Vimarsha over the years have successfully found their place in the employment arena. As a start, the trust has opened up a full-fledged library, MyMitra Children’s Library and training some students to work as library assistants. The students who intern will be given hands-on experience on all aspects including catalogue making, arranging, procuring, lending and client interface among other things. We have also planned to start other trainings specifically meant for employment, which is a project scheduled for the upcoming year. Besides, we also plan to set up a space for students to sell their hand-made crafts and products to wake the entrepreneurial skills in the children.

Academic achievement:

Over the years, more than a hundred students with IQ between have been a part of our organization. About 35% of them have appeared and passed the SSLC exams and 10% and 2% have appeared and passed the NIOS Secondary and Senior Secondary exams respectively, through Vimarsha.


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Account Number: 0884101054775

Bank: Canara Bank

Branch: Yediyur

IFSC Code: CNRB0000884

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Vimarsha Charitable Trust


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